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PMI CAPM Certification Training

The CAPM certification is the PMI's leading entry-level project management certification. Anyone who meets the requirements can take the exam which proves a strong base knowledge of the PMBOK. CAPM training is effective for any person on any team and organizations who choose to get their team members CAPM training have a distinct advantage in the project management process. Here is more info about the CAPM certification:

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is one of the foremost organizations for promulgating project management techniques and methodology within multi-faceted organizations. The need for project management methodology was recognized years ago within the construction trade. It was on construction building projects that project management methods were defined and structured into repeatable processes needed to bring projects to completion faster, better, and cheaper.

Today, PMI body of knowledge (PMBOK) is used within most business environments for all sorts of projects. The PMI attempts to keep PMBOK information updated and relevant to current business environments as well as offering certification for project stakeholders. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most well-known certification offered by the PMI. Over the years, the PMP certification has evolved into the certification obtained by those who direct or explicitly manage projects.

Certified Associate in Project Management for Project Members
Until recently project members were generally left to self-study of the project management discipline or reliance on managers to explain project management methods. Realizing a need for project members to understand project management concepts in order to conduct better business and to advance in the project management field, the PMI established the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credential.

Project members may range from various engineers to the project’s budget analyst. No matter what their functional area of expertise, all members need to understand how work is managed in order to produce repeatable, predictable quality work. The PMI’s CAPM credential will allow these individuals to demonstrate their knowledge of the basic terms and methods behind project management.

The PMI’s CAPM credential is not only beneficial for direct project members but for other project stakeholders as well. Business unit executives that want just an overview of project management methods could obtain the CAPM credential subsequent to receiving the associated project management basic training. The PMI’s CAPM credential is certainly a beneficial first step for those that are attempting to advance within the project management career field. It is a great certification to have within organizations that rely on the PMI project management methodologies.

Although the PMI’s project management methods are considered to be the “gold standard” of project management within most organizations, one must note that not every organization espouses the PMI’s project management methodologies. Some groups have adopted agile project management techniques especially those managing fast paced, software development projects. The PMI has attempted to provide updated information and certifications for those who manage these agile projects, but it was not considered the leader for agile project management.

Certified Associate in Project Management Requirements

There are three items required to obtain the PMI’s CAPM credential.
• High school diploma or equivalent
• 1500 hours of project team member experience or 23 hours of PM education
• Take a 600+ question exam demonstrating basic knowledge of the PMBOK

The credential is maintained through re-testing every five years.